Guidance for climate data use by different sectors

The type of climate information needed for decision making is context-dependent. There are some typical issues which may be relevant for different sectors in society, and here we give some exapmles.


  • Agriculture & Forestry (own page. e.g. crop yield/precipitation/temperature/solar radiation, temperature/freezing/thawing, soil moisture/plowing, erosion, spread of fertilisers/pesicides, )
  • Water (own page: e.g. supply/precipitation/droughts, quality: extreme precipitation)
  • Energy (own page: e.g. demand/temperature, supply/cooling/temperature, wind/wind speed, solar/radiation, hydr/precipitation, wave)
  • Transport (own page: e.g. fog, storms, blizzards, snow)
  • Tourism (own page: e.g. )
  • Insurance (own page: e.g. extreme precipitation, storms, flooding)
  • Health (own page: e.g. heat waves, )
  • Infrastructure (own page: e.g. see eu-circle, flood, wild fires, storm surges, storms, heat haves, droughts, avalanches/rock slides.)
  • Disaster risk reduction (DRR) (own page: e.g. )
  • Coastal area (own page: e.g. storm surges, inundation, wave heights, wind)

References/Further reading: ClimateAdapt, e.g. EASAC,

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