What is the 'ESD Lab'?

The ESD lab is a web platform that contains tools (i.e. mainly web applications) developed and maintained by few climate researchers at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (Norway). The main objective of this Lab is to build a prototype tool within the Data Evaluation of Climate Models C3S project. The applications provide users with web interfaces to allow them visualizing, exploring, and analyzing climate model data and outputs. These tools are built as Rshiny apps and are running on Shiny Server hosted by the CDS. The applications use the 'ESD R package' as a back-end engine to process and summarize climate model outputs.

This platform and the following web applications have been developed through the COPERNICUS DECM project and have been maintained by :

  • Rasmus Benestad (rasmusb@met.no)
  • Abdelkader Mezghani (abdelkaderm@met.no)
  • Kajsa M. Parding (kajsamp@met.no)
  • Andreas Dobler (andreasd@met.no)
  • Helene B. Erlandsen (helenebe@met.no )

We offer various R Shiny web applications

Currently available apps are

    • The climate model explorer which let's you sort through data available from the KNMI climate data explorer and produce simple plots and maps of climate change.

    • A Taylor diagram app for evaluation of a set of RCMs comparing spatial correlations and standard deviations to a reference dataset.

    • The dP vs dT app showing the regionally averaged projected changes in precipitation and temperature for CMIP5 models. This tool can be used for selecting a smaller but representative ensemble of GCMs out of a large ensemble. The chosen models should cover the full range of projected climate change of all the available models, e.g., one from each quadrant of change (warm-wet, warm-dry, cold-wet, cold-dry) and one from the middle.

    • The seasonal cycle app showing the seasonal cycle of precipitation and temperature for GCMs (CMIP5) compared to a reference data set (ERAinterim). This tool can be used in ensemble selection to exclude models that are not representing the seasonal cycle well in a particular region.

  • Also, the main toolbox which combines all the different applications into one using a categorised dashboard intended for product users, data users, and sectoral users is available there.

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