We have exceeded 1500 users !


We are happy to publish a new achieved record related to the number of users. Congratulations!

We have exceeded 1500 users since the prototype has been launched

That is quite satisfying as it shows that our Prototype has been successfully implemented and filled a real gap between providers and users of climate change information.

Have a nice week.

Daily variations in the number of DECM app users (red) and sessions (blue) from the beginning of year 2018.

Posted by Abdelkader Mezghani (MET Norway), Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Results for RCP8.5/GCMs will be added soon


We have started processing global climate models (GCMs) assuming the RCP8.5 emission scenario as it was requested by many users. We will add those results to the app as soon as they are ready.

Many thanks again for your collaboration and looking forward for more feedback on our website and app.


Posted by Abdelkader Mezghani, Oct. 9, 2018