Feedbacks on the prototype

We have now received some feedback and suggestions on this prototype. Here are some of them in italics together with our thoughts written in bold.

  • Missing important features, most notably *being able to choose RCP scenario in the settings stage* right now if one plots individual models the figure gets WAY too crowded, because there are too many models and scenarios. The only way to look at a specific scenario is by grouping and deselecting the undesired scenarios, which is a bit cumbersome and more difficult. We could have added RCPs, but have not got this far yet. Also purpose of this prototype is to convey information about models and their quality (based on one example), and not to provide scenarios for the future. The purpose is to give a “crowded” first impression, but there are ways to “uncrowd” the figure, for instance by clicking on the legends or the metadata table to select or deselect/hide individual or groups of models.  
  • Too many models from the same institution –> introduces bias in the ensemble mean (NASA GISS gets 5 “votes” per scenario –> undemocratic ensembleThese are different realisations and their differences reveal information about natural variability. Again, it is possible to hide some of the runs. One should not compare averages of ensemble members for one given model if the ensemble has different size to that of other ensembles or if compared with single model runs.  
  • It would be useful to quickly see the most important metadata when hovering over a simulation in the legend, e.g. the resolution. It’s in there and has already been implemented for the data users who have more options. You need to group the models by e.g. “Horizontal.resolution” and the information will then show up in the hoover.
  • Is it possible to remove the window-within-a-window style of the page? Can the whole “page” be just the actual application frame? Yes, we are working on this, and the recent changes will soon be updated  on our server. 
  • Will there be any other parameters besides temperature and precipitation? We could have added more variables, but since this is a prototype, we have limited the variables to the most commonly used ones for users of climate information. We may include wind in the future. 
  • When you open the item 1 (i.e., the area selection), the zoom in/out buttons are overlapping with the text. Thanks! We will look into this.

Rasmus (August 8, 2018)

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