European regions now included !

We have fixed few bugs and included statistics based on Euro-CORDEX GCMs/RCMs simulations for 33 European countries. We have also included titles to the plots showing the region of interest. The included countries are listed hereafter in alphabetical order. An example of selection  ‘Region : Hungary’ is also shown below.

[1] Albania                       
[2] Bosnia and Herzegovina
[3] Bulgaria                      
[4] Denmark                       
[5] Ireland                       
[6] Estonia                       
[7] Austria                       
[8] Czech Republic                      
[9] Finland                       
[10] France                        
[11] Germany                       
[12] Greece                        
[13] Croatia                       
[14] Hungary                       
[15] Iceland                       
[16] Italy                         
[17] Latvia                        
[18] Belarus                       
[19] Lithuania                     
[20] Slovakia                      
[21] The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
[22] Netherlands                   
[23] Norway                        
[24] Poland                        
[25] Portugal                      
[26] Romania                       
[27] Republic of Moldova
[28] Russia                        
[29] Spain                         
[30] Sweden                        
[31] Switzerland                   
[32] United Kingdom                       
[33] Ukraine

You should note that parts of the regions laying outside the Euro-CORDEX domain are masked when the region over which the statistics are computed is mapped as it is the case, for instance, for Russia.

Posted by Abdelkader, on June 12, 2018

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