New regions will be uploaded soon, especially, for EURO-CORDEX domain.

We are currently working on calculating the statistics for : Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, and Hungary in Europe based on Euro-CORDEX regional climate model simulations.  This will definitely support the climate services on national levels.

We will notify you once we are done, in the meantime, enjoy the prototype !

Posted by Abdelkader, MET Norway, on June, 6, 2018

Usage statistics

Dears, we have registered almost 412 users and 565 sessions for the last two months (April and May 2018). On average, there are 15 users of the prototype each day and each user have spent approximately 6.75 minutes. The prototype is doing very well.

Number of users and sessions for the last two months.

Posted by Abdelkader on June 6, 2018, MET Norway