Recent updates

The status and the progress of the prototype are excellent, and we are really happy with the results so far. The main features and structure of the prototype has settled, and there are some minor issues that we will attend to in the near future. After that, the version will be “frozen”.

  • We will have a second look at some of the text in the text boxes and the descriptions to see if it can be improved. The text should introduce and explain briefly the specific item, be concise, and assume that the reader is not necessarily familiar with the subject.
  • The plots will focus on the emission scenario RCP4.5 for all models (also for ESD).
  • Difficult to set up “deep links” as URL. There are no unique URLs for e.g. a specific model+area+field that gives a direct access to specific results. A possibility, however, is to save the HTML page in the browser for the stand-alone prototype (not embedded in the WordPress) that keeps all settings and figures in a static HTML file stored at the local computer. This does not work like a shared link, but does provide the selected settings and related figures and tables. We will try explore ways to make a button to get to this functionality, but we will probably not have the time to do so in the immediate future.
  • Work is still ongoing with the PRUDENCE sub-regions on which regional climate models are evaluated.
Rasmus. May 16, 2018

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